Demonstration Team

We have a team of advanced dancers that make up our Performance Demonstration Team. We perform at a variety of events that celebrate Scottish history and world cultures, including the Phoenix Highland Games and the Gilbert Global Festival. We also lead participation activities with groups that want to experience dancing for themselves, such as with church youth groups and Scottish workshops.

If you are interested in having our demo team perform at your event, please contact Jennifer Reiner [602-370-1291,].

Information for our Demo Team dancers: 
Dance Schedule for 2022:
None are scheduled at this time. We look forward to dancing with you soon!

Most Recent Dance List:

De’il Amang the Tailors -  Reel, 3 times through 
(modified to a 2 couple dance for the demonstration)
1 – 4           1st & 2nd couples, at the same time 3rd and 4th couples set and
dance right hands across half way
5 – 8            Repeat with left hands back
9 – 16          1st & 3rd couple lead down the middle and up
17 – 24        1st & 2nd couples, at the same time 3rd and 4th couples dance the allemande
25 – 32        4 hands round and back 
The 2nd time through the middle couples will dance then last time through both ends will
dance again and end with 8 hands round and back.

Blue Bonnets – 2 couple jig, 3 times through
1 – 8            1st Lady and 2nd Man Advance and retire then dance back to back 
9 – 16          1st Man and 2nd Lady repeat bars 1 through 8
17 – 24        1st couple lead down the middle and up 
25 – 32        1st and 2nd couples poussette
Top two couples and bottom two couples begin, 2nd time through middle couples only, last
time through both ends again

Culla Bay  - 4 couple square set, strathspey
1 -  4               1s & 3s advance & 1/2 turn opposite partner RH & cast out to opposite side
5 -  8               1s & 3s chase 1/4 round set clockwise & dance in passing 2s/4s RS curving
in to face  2s/4s as 2s & 4s repeat bars 1-4 & turn right about to face 1s/3s 
9 - 16             All dance parallel reels of 4 across set
17 - 24           2s & 1s also 4s & 3s circle 4H once round to left, set & dance RH across 1/2
25 - 32              2s & 4s dance LH across once round, 2s & 4s dance out through sides  
passing RS & chase round set clockwise to next place
Repeat from new positions
A Box of Chocolates – Reel 3 couple set 
1 – 8            1st couple dance a figure 8 on the side, dancing in and down to begin
9 – 16          1st & 2nd couples set and rotate 
17 – 24        1st & 2nd couples dance Right hands across, 1st & 3rd couples dance left
hands across, end ready for ….
25 – 32        1st & 3rd couples poussette
Repeat with new top couple (3 times through)

Fair Enough – 4 couple jig
1 -  8         All 4 couples dance back to back.  All turn partners RH, 2s & 3s end in middle facing up in allemande hold, 1s & 4s end on sides
 9 – 16      2s+3s dance allemande 
17 - 24      1s+4s cross RH, cast down/up (3s & 2s step up/down) & 1s+4s dance 1/2 Figs 8 round end couples (1s round 3s, 4s round 2s)
25 - 32      All circle 8H round & back

Reel of the 51st Division – 4 times through
1 – 8            1st couple set and cast off two places, lead up to face 1st corners. 
9 – 16          Set to first corners and turn right hand, join hands with partner in the middle
and balance in line, turn partner Left hand to face 2nd corners
 17 – 24          Repeat bars 9 – 14 with 2nd corners and dance out to own sides. 
25 – 32           Six hands round and back
A new top couple starts on each repetition.  On the first 2 bars of 2nd time through, original 1st couple lead down to 4th place. Last time through - 8 hands round and back