The Reel of the 51st is a dance that was developed by Scottish POW's during WWII. They smuggled out bits and pieces of the dance in letters back home. The Germans had intercepted their mail on the way back home and thought the dance instructions were pieces of information being smuggled out to England. Eventually all of the pieces of the dance were smuggled out and reassembled by POW families.
Ferla Mor, also known as "The Big Grey Man", is a 32-bar Reel for 3 couples. It is a fun dance that can lead to unexpected surprises! Wasatch Mountain Reel is a 5 couple reel that is a lot of fun, fast and named for a mountain in Utah.
On the Quarter Deck is a 4 couple jig that is fast and fun to dance. See you if can recognize the music as an old sailor's favorite!